David Haynes’ new book entitled, Words Unspoken is a collection of poems that portray the experiences of an adolescent making his way through life's hardships . With poems of fear, anger, love, pain, and inadequacy, Haynes endeavors to take the reader on a road of empathy to express true emotion and positive messaging derived from past experiences. With words of assertiveness and ambiguity, Words Unspoken requires profound intellectual thinking that will take many readers onto new levels if comprehension. “I wanted to reinvent myself,” Haynes says. “Rather than being silent about the things that we all go through, I wanted to be the courageous one, and be the voice and shed light on the issues within our culture and society; to give a new perspective. I also wanted to give others a personal insight to the artist that they’ve never seen before; to something positive, innovative, and something better than what they’re used to seeing.” After beginning the project in the year of 2014, Words Unspoken is on the brink of it debut here and on Amazon. The long awaited project is scheduled to be released Tuesday, August 23, 2016. For more information and updates, sign up for the website newsletter to be the first to get  Words Unspoken.


“This is the artist's most personal project, allowing him to

expand his artistry in a way like never before."