David Haynes is a 19 year old singer, actor, dancer, and author. Having discovered his gift of song at the age of four within the four walls of the church, the Baltimore based artist has come a long way since then. After making his performance debut of the gospel song, I Can Do All Things Through Christ, he has traveled throughout the east coast to share his gift with anyone who hasn’t heard and is willing to listen. Having been recognized in the church, he starred as Little David in the locally renowned play, the Final Flight; a play that portrays the different journeys of believers and non-believers of Christ.

Having been destined for greatness, in the year of 2007, David was featured on 
Carolyn Jackson’s acclaimed gospel album, Sounding the Alarm. After witnessing what Jackson called “the anointing” of Haynes’ gift, she was compelled to have had then 9 year old David featured on the album. With soaring vocals in adoration of the love of a Savior, Haynes made Glory to Your Name a phenomenon to all who heard and witnessed produced and live performances of the record.


In the year of 2008, Haynes took part in the Maryland State Boychoir, singing in two divisions of the choir—treble choir, concert choir—where they traveled throughout the United States and Canada (Nova Scotia). During Haynes’ three years with the choir, he developed a superior caliber of musicianship and music repertoire.

In the years of 2012 through 2016, David was featured in Baltimore’s renowned high school choir, the Baltimore City College Choir. While under the directorship of Linda R. Hall and Marcus D. Smith, he was groomed with exemplary skills to greater musicianship which led to the outbreak of the artist today. After taking a hiatus to solo performances to study the philosophies to proper vocal production, Haynes made his long-awaited debut with the choir, singing Natalie Cole’s rendition of When I Fall In Love. With his countertenor vocals and

mezzo soprano range, David returned with a rarity.


"A voice vibrant and true."

- Jennifer Blades, Goucher College Music Professor

During Haynes' four years at Baltimore City College, he furthered the boundaries of his artistry through acting. While playing in three productions: Shakespeare’s the Tempest as a ghost/spirit, Lynn Nottage’s Fabulation as the main character’s rapper boyfriend, and Kaufman and Hart’s ever popular play, You Can’t Take It With You as the character Gary, Haynes made a name for himself throughout City College’s drama history.

Haynes continued to further his artistry through the use of writing english literature and poetry. After studying the works and philosophies of writing from some of the world’s most renowned authors like James Baldwin and Toni Morrison, he expounded upon his expression as an artist going beyond the melodies of songs and the portrayals of characters in plays. After impressing one of his teachers with a profound and personalized essay entitled, Black Masculinity: the Failures of Love and Communication, the essay made it’s debut on Mark Miazga’s blog entitled Epiphany in Baltimore; a blog that depicts the experiences and hardships of a teacher in a Baltimore City public school. Having been nurtured through Haynes’ literary work, it inspired him to start on his book entitled Words Unspoken, a collection of poems that portray the highs and lows of his journey thus far.After graduating from Baltimore City College with a 3.9 grade point average, Haynes has continued to land performances in different shows and arenas. This past summer of 2016, Haynes was featured in Kondwani Fidel’s Pieces of a G. With his rare and soaring countertenor vocals and range, he sang Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love Of All, Yolanda Adams’ Just A Prayer Away, and —to recognize the racial injustices that have taken place in the American society— John Legend’s Glory. Haynes released the cover of Glory on SoundCloud making it available for all to listen.  Haynes says, “I am not the typical male artist. My voice type is rare, and I want to be able to share it with anyone who listens. As far as genres are concerned, I don’t want to be put in a box. However, I do want to be able to share the light of Christ outside of the four walls of the church, and to let others know that you can still have a love for other genres of music.” David is currently attending Goucher College as a vocal performer and communcations major. He is currently working on new music releases and the releasing of his first book, Words Unspoken which will be available to all here and Amazon this summer of 2016. “I want to showcase all that Christ has chosen me to be; whether that means singing in the next church, the next club, releasing the next cover, or the next book. I just want to put a smile on someone else’s face, sing that song that saves someone else’s life and touches their heart, and be the gift that I’ve been created to be."


On September 27, 2016, Haynes reinvented himself in entertainment with the debut of his radio show, the David Haynes Afternoon Show. With him hosting alongside his two co-hosts, Jessica Castro and Alex Sanson Gomez, they continue to gain popularity through the show’s music and riveting inspiration at Goucher College. While being one of the few shows making a spark within Goucher’s community, the show became a groundbreaker, being the first to debut and sponsor its own radio contest. After leaving a profound mark, raising the bar, and expanding widths for bigger shoes to fill, the David Haynes Afternoon Show continues to be one of the rare hits gaining one listener at a time.